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Providing Legal advice and representation since 1981 in San Luis Obispo County. 
The Law Office of J Johnson provides services primarily in Estate Planning, Probate / Trusts, Real Estate, Evictions (representing landlord), Conservatorships, Business Law and Personal Injury referrals to the appropriate attorney for your specific injury.


Estate Planning / Trusts / Wills

Free consultation to determine if you need a living trust, simple will or other specialized services.
Each individual has special and different needs.  Therefore a custom estate plan is carefully prepared for each client.


Probate / Trust Administration

Before we begin the process of probate we will first determine if assets can be transferred without probate.

When Probate is necessary, we can accomplish the task in a short amount of time guiding you through the court process.  Our many years of experience are a benefit to our clients.

When someone dies with a living trust, we can assist with the proper transfer of assets and providing all legally required notices.


Real Estate

We represent buyers, sellers and brokers in solving problems with transactions, title, boundaries, transfers, deeds, or whatever predicament you find yourself in.



For nearly 25 years we have represented landlords in the eviction process.  We also represent many large local property management companies and do a volume of unlawful detainer actions.  There is a flat fee from notice to sheriff set-out.


Business Law

We can assist you with buying, selling, partnership formations, corporations, collections, leases, agreements and other business needs.



When a court Conservatorship is necessary, we have experience in court procedures getting conservators appointed to handle an individual's affairs, both financial and personal.  My staff and I will continue to guide you through the accounting and other required activities.


Personal Injury

There are many attorneys advertising on T.V. and with full page ads in the yellow pages.  Each type of accident requires a special expertise.  We can refer you to the local attorney that has been successful in recovering for your specific situation.



  • Promptness in taking care of matters.
  • Interest and concern about client problems.
  • Honesty in dealing with clients.
  • Explaining everything fully to the client.
  • Keeping the client informed of the progress of the case.
  • Paying attention to what the client has to say.
  • Fair and reasonable fee.
  • Keep a messy desk.